physical practice, yoga


On Monday, I achieved one of my most important goals: completing primary series! It was really exciting to be given the last pose by my teacher, and luckily it’s one that’s actually not too difficult. This means that (hopefully) I’ll be moving onto the second series soon, which is pretty awesome. I would love to be at least part way through the intermediate series by the time I go to India next year, and I can’t wait to get started on it!

Also, about a month ago now I achieved another of my initial goals, which was to stand up straight from urdvha dhanurasana. I now do this every practice, followed by three drop backs and come ups, and then half backs.

I guess the fact that I’ve achieved two of my goals means it’s time to think of some new ones… I’m sure it’s not long until my teacher throws a new challenge my way!


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